Medical device kitting in small or large volumes.

At MIMD we excel at the optimization of the process of kitting and assembly for our clients. With a team of dedicated product assembly experts, who know how to produce your product faster and more efficiently, we offer the highest consistency and quality at a reasonable cost.

Our product assembly team is highly accurate in reducing turn times for companies. Whether products are a simple kit or a complex mix of options, we can assemble, pack, and ship your product.

MIMD is committed to optimizing our entire manufacturing process to add value for our customers by:

  • Maintaining a kitting family with a wide range of component options
  • Using data and analytics to ensure materials are available for production and delivery to customers.
  • Applying FIFO and FEFO principles in management of components and inventory.
  • Working closely with customers for 100% on time delivery of medical devices.

All finished goods are labelled according to our customer’s requirements needs and specifications to ensure proper packaging, traceability, and distribution of products.

Mountain Integrated Medical Devices Office